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How does Adornos combine high quality with amazing prices?


Adornos Tango Shoes designs its handmade tango shoes with tango fashion tasted Turkish designers, and manufactures its handmade tango shoes with 20 years experienced master shoemakers. You can order the best quality tailor-made tango shoes. 

Adornos Tango Shoes create a harmony between balance, elegancy, quality and beauty with a perfect comfort level to keep you dance for hours and hours..Because we know that making a lovely shoe is the easiest part, the real challenge is the comfort and balance as they are the most important elements for long dancing hours. Lack of comfort and balance is the main problem when it comes to tango shoes. That is why we test our shoes in milongas personally to be sure to achieve our aim to combine beauty, balance, comfort and quality. And we proudly call the combination of these elements; ‘Adornos Tango Shoes’ which are handmade with love and passion from the heart of Bosphorus. Also flexibility in Adornos shoes differs from the other ones, that will surround your feet softly as you can feel your every little step you made on the dance floor. Our designers have the best taste in order to create beautiful shoes with stunning patterns and colors, which will make you feel ‘one pair is never enough’.

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