Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Form?

Narrow Form: The shoe is narrower than the regular form which fits long and thin feet. Regular Form: It is the most common form, fitting to regular feett types. Wide Form: The shoe is wider than the regular form which fits larger feet.

What is Pont?

Pont is the heel height of the shoes. It changes as the shoe size change. Like 13 pont of shoe number 40 is 8,7 cm and 13 pont of shoe number 35 is 8,2 cm. 11 Pont: 7 - 7,5 cm 13 Pont: 8,2 - 8,7 cm 15 Pont: 9,8 - 10,4 cm IMPORTANT: In our online store in all pictures, shoes heels sizes are 13 Pont. With other sizes will look different because of the shapes are different. As you can see the photo below. Shapes of different size of ponts.

What are the meaning of Half sizes?

Half size is the same number like its regular size but a little wider at the upper part. For example, 38,5 is the same sole of 38 but wider at the upper part which is close to 39.

Where do we ship?

We are shipping all around the world.

What is my shipping fee?

It depends to your country. For Turkey shipping is free. Region 1 (All Europe, Russia, Middle East..) For one shoe is 14 Euro, each additional shoes is 7 Euro Region 2 (For USA, Canada, Japan ... For one shoe is 19 Euro, each additional shoes is 8 Euro

How long does it take to make a new shoes?

It takes about 15 days to make new shoes upon your order.

What is padding mode?

It is the material that we put in front of the shoe. There are 2 types; Comfort Mode: We use a thicker pad at the front. The front of the shoe gets a little ticker. Standard Mode: We put a regular pad at the front. It is already comfortable at standard mode. Those who wants extra soft shoes use comfort mode.