Custom Shoe Order

Custom Shoe Order

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This is an option for your custom shoe orders. Please take a minute to read how to place a custom shoe order:  


  • Please note that we can customize shoe size and shoe color/material of one of our existing models.
  • Please note that we can only change colors to a color that we use in another product.


How to Correctly Place the Custom Order? 


Heel Height & Size

Please select the heel height and shoe size you request. If you are going to request a custom size, then select the Custom Size option.

Please take a look at our Size Guide to see the details of how to select your size.


SKU Number

Please write down the SKU Number of the reference model. You can find a shoe's SKU Number on that product's page, right below the product name.


Size & Color Customization

Please write down the Size and/or Color Customization specifications that you request in detail.


Color and material are inseperable. For example, if you want a certain green colour for your leather, but that color is used as suede in our product, it is not possible to make it leather. We have to proceed with suede for that green color.



Please select the material of your shoe according to your choice of color/material mentioned below. The color and material are inseperable. You should choose the shoe material accordingly. Please select "Mixed" if more than one type of material will be used for your shoe. 

Sole Type

Please write down your selection from our Sole Types. You can visit our Sole Types page for more details. We have the following alternatives:


  • Standard (Neolyte)
  • Super Comfort (Flexible Soft Sole with Suede Cover)



  • Leather Covered
  • Suede Covered


Please take a look at our Size Guide to see the details of how to select your size. Here are a couple of examples regarding how to write your specifications:


  • "I want ADRW0230000-Pearl Shine. I want the upper part to be size 39 and the sole to be size 38. I don't want to change to color or material) I want neolyte rubber sole. "
  • "I want ADRW0230000-Pearl Shine. My foot mesaurements are 24.1 cm x 10 cm. Normally, I wear size 38. I want super comfort sole." 
  • "I want ADRM0010000-Gaucho Brown standard size 41, but please replace the light brown leather with the white patent leather you use in ADRM0060000-Milk White. I want suede sole."