Three Band Black

Three Band Black

SKU: ADRW0312503

Hand made Argentine Tango and Night Out Shoes for Women

Material: Patent Leather 

Color: Black

Comfort sole with extra padding under the forefoot.

Shoe bag included.

Size (EU)
Back of Shoes
Color: Black
Heel Height
  • About Heel Hight


    Pont is the heel height of the shoes. It changes as the shoe size change.

    Like 13 pont of shoe number 40 is 8,7 cm and 13 pont of shoe number 35 is 8,2 cm.

    11 Pont: 7 - 7,5 cm

    13 Pont: 8,2 - 8,7 cm

    15 Pont: 9,8 - 10,4 cm

    IMPORTANT: In our online store in all pictures, shoes heels sizes are 13 Pont. With other sizes will look different because of the shapes are different.

  • Photo Description

    Women's shoes product photos are with 13 Pont heels.

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